Can TP-Link router be configured using screen reader and pure keyboard operation?

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We have improved the experience of using Web UI. Users can configure the router using the screen reader that comes with the browser or other screen reader software.

At the same time, the Web UI also supports pure keyboard operation, you can use the following shortcut keys to improve the operation experience.

Page shortcut key description

Alt+0: Support

Enter it you can send the feedback email to our support Team, or you can go to our support official website.

Alt+1: Lanuage

You can change the router’s language here.

Alt+2: Locate to the top navigation bar

You can find the Network Map/Internet/Wireless/Homeshield/Advanced options here.

Alt+3: Locate the directory on the left

The left directory is available in Advanced option.

Alt+4: Navigate to the page content area.

Jump to read the main page content.

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