How to set up WireGuard VPN Client on Android Phone and iPhone

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WireGuard is a cutting-edge open-source VPN protocol known for its speed, security, and simplicity. With modern encryption and streamlined design, it offers fast and secure virtual private network connections across various platforms.

Please follow the steps below to set up the Wireguard VPN connection.

Android Phone

1. Download the WireGuard APP in Google Play.

2. Open the WireGuard APP, tap on the "+" icon at the bottom right corner.

3. Import the WireGuard configuration either by scanning the server's QR code or importing the server's configuration file, then type a tunnel name, click on "Save."

4. Once the WireGuard configuration is imported, enable it to connect to the WireGuard VPN server.

5. Click on the profile, you can check the detail. If there are transfer data and latest handshake, the VPN connection is established successfully.


1. Install Wireguard APP, go to the App Store on your iPhone. Search for "WireGuard" and download the WireGuard app,

2. Open the WireGuard app on your iPhone.Tap on the Add a tunnel to add a new configuration.

3. Choose "Create from QR code" to scan the QR code provided by your WireGuard server administrator, or choose "Create from file or archive" to import the WireGuard configuration file if you have it saved on your device.

4. Once the configuration is imported, it will appear in the WireGuard app. Please click on the bottom to enable it and establish a connection to the WireGuard VPN server.

5. If there are Data received and Data Sent, it means the Wireguard VPN connection is established.

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