Information related to the Tapo Care free trial

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Information related to the Tapo Care free trial

Every Tapo Camera is eligible for a one-time free trial of the Tapo Care services. The Free trial period is 30 days for each camera since you enabled it on the Tapo APP. With a Tapo Care free trial, your camera will have a 30-Day Cloud Video History and other advanced features.

If your camera has never used Tapo Care free trial before, you can enable it on Tapo APP to get 30 days of service for it.


Q1:Will I be charged during the trial period?

The free service will be canceled automatically when it expires and you will not be charged.


Q2:Can I make a formal subscription during the trial period?

Yes, you can pay for a formal subscription during the free trial period of the camera. The remaining trial period of the camera will be retained and automatically turned on when the paid subscription expires


Q3: How do I enable the free trial for a Tapo camera

You may follow the steps to enable the free trial of a camera. If you have multiple cameras, the trial of each camera needs to be set one by one, and the trial period of each camera is calculated independently.


If your camera meets the requirements of the free trial, you will see a banner on the live view page offering a 30-day free trial, you can tap on it to check the detailed service description. Then you can tap on the “Try It Free” to enable the 30-day free trial for this camera.


Alternatively, you can go to the camera settings and enable the free trial

You can see the remaining trial days in the Camera Settings.

Q4:Can I cancel the Free Trial?

Yes, Users can cancel the trial at any time during the trial period. After cancellation, the trial will stop immediately and cannot be turned back on.

To cancel the free trial, please go to the camera settings on the Tapo APP and toggle off the “Tapo Care Free Trial”



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