How to configure the Connection Alerts feature on the Deco app

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If you want to know the connection status of a client connected to the Deco network, you can configure the Connection Alerts feature on the Deco app. There are two types of alerts included in the Connection Alerts feature, one named New Device Alerts, and the other one named Known Device Alerts. Now let’s introduce the two features in detail.

NOTE: The Connection Alerts feature is not available when Deco works in AP mode.

Part 1: New Device Alerts

The New Device Alerts feature enables by default, and with this feature enabled, you will get alerts when new devices connect to your Deco network.

On the Deco app, you can go to the More>Advanced>Connection Alerts page, tap New Device Alerts to change the settings of this feature.

On the New Device Alerts settings page, you can turn on or off this feature and select to get alerts via push notifications on your phone or get alerts via e-mail.

Sometimes you may receive several New Device Detected notifications when the same device connects to the Deco network. In this situation, please refer to the link to know the detailed information.

Part 2: Known Device Alerts

With this feature enabled, you can get alerts when the known device goes online or offline.

On the Know Device Alerts page, please click on the “+” button to add an entry.

Via setting up the Known Device Alerts feature, when a known device goes online or offline, you will receive alerts via notifications or e-mail.

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