How to use TP-Link Visio Stencils?

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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for downloading, installing, and using the Microsoft Visio stencils for TP-Link products.

You can download stencils with this link:

● The stencil contains TP-Link business products including Jetstream Switches, Business APs, Pharos products, SafeStream Routers and accessories.

● The file you download will be in .zip format. You can unzip it into any convenient directory. The folder that works best with Visio is My Shapes, located in the Documents Library in Microsoft Windows 7, or in the My Documents folder in Microsoft Windows XP. If you place the stencils in My Shapes, you can most easily access them from within Microsoft Visio as described in this document.

Opening Stencils

To open the stencils, follow these steps:

1. Do one of the following, depending on your version of Microsoft Visio:

● Microsoft Visio 2007: From the menu bar, choose File > Shapes > My Shapes.

● Microsoft Visio 2010/2013: In the stencil navigation window at the left, choose More Shapes > My Shapes.

2. Select the name of the stencil that you want to open.

3. To open multiple stencil files, instead of choosing My Shapes, choose Open Stencil; you can then select multiple files by holding the Ctrl key while clicking the names of several files.

Using Shapes

1. You can drag and drop any of the shapes from the stencil onto your drawing.

● All modular chassis have Microsoft Visio glue points to allow you to snap modules into chassis. Note that Microsoft Visio does not verify that you are placing a module in an appropriate slot. For example, it is possible (but not wise) to put a router module in a switch slot and a switch module in a router slot.

● Please be sure to validate your hardware configurations before documenting them using these stencils.

2. Right-click the shape on the page and choose from the menu:

● Hide or show the text label.

● Enable editing of the text label.

● Open the shape data (Custom Properties) window to see the metadata.

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