Can appliances affect the performance of Powerline products

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There are various factors might affect the performance of a powerline products, such as AC units, surge protectors, washers and dryers and so on. All these devices may generate a high amount of electrical noise and create an unstable voltage in your home powerline environment.

In this kind of powerline environment, PLC products may encounter performance issues like poor transfer rate or, intermittent devices.

*Note: This is very rare, so most users will not encounter this issue.

If you happen to encounter network or service issues when using your powerline adpater, please try the following solutions.

  1. Install your powerline products as far as possible from appliances as you can, especially those high-power electrical appliances like AC units, refrigerators or washing machines.
  2. Power off your high-power electrical appliances one at a time, to find out which one is causing the performance issues in your powerline network. Once found this device will either need to be turned off or filtered using a surge protector.
  3. Avoid using surge protectors or extension plates for your powerline products.  These devices should be plugged directly into the outlet.

If the steps above still do not resolve your network issues, please feel free to contact TP-LINK technical support for further troubleshooting.

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