What should I do if I fail to configure the Tapo Smart Plug?

Updated 01-25-2021 06:08:44 AM 866
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The Tapo app will guide you step by step during the initial configuration, but you may not be able to get through all the steps due to some interference. This FAQ will tell you what to do if you have trouble getting through a certain step.


Case 1

The phone is looking for the smart device via Bluetooth signal, if you are unable to get through this step, you will see the following error page.

Troubleshooting tips:

1. Move your phone closer to the smart plug, and disconnect other Bluetooth devices from your phone.

2. Make sure the LED is blinking orange and green, if the LED is blinking green, press the power button three times; if not, press and hold on the power button for at least 5 seconds.

3. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone, then turn it back on and click on “TRY AGAIN”.

4.If you have manually paired this Tapo device via Bluetooth in your phone's or tablet's setting, unpair it.

4. Force to close the Tapo app, and then open it again and try to go through the process again.

5. If the problem persists, restart the Tapo device.


Case 2

If you are unable to find your home Wi-Fi network, please refer to the following suggestions.

Troubleshooting tips:

1. The signal strength of your home Wi-Fi network is a bit weak, move the smart device closer to your router for a try.

2. Ensure your home Wi-Fi network is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, the Tapo device does not support a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection.

3. If it doesn’t display the Wi-Fi name of the router automatically, please click on “RECAN” at the upper right corner to refresh the Wi-Fi list.

4. If the router’s SSID is hidden, please choose “Other” to input SSID and password manually.

5. Reset the device as per QIG/UG and go through the process again.


Case 3

If you are unable to get through this step, you will see the following error page.


Troubleshooting tips:

1. Ensure you have selected the correct home Wi-Fi network and have entered the correct wireless password. If the Wi-Fi network or password is incorrect, click on “Choose a Network” and select the Wi-Fi network again.

2. Make sure your smart device is within the Wi-Fi range of your router.

3. Turn your phone’s or tablet’s Bluetooth off and back on.

4. If the problem persists, try to reset the smart device as per UG/QIG, and then set it up again.


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