How to set up the 3G and 4G Backup on TP-Link LTE Gateway?

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TP-Link LTE Gateway Router supports two operation modes, 3G/4G Router Mode and Wireless Router mode.

In Wireless Router mode, you can use a 3G/4G network as a backup solution for internet access. When 3G/4G Backup enabled, your router will connect to the 3G/4G network when the original network service fails.

Here takes Archer MR600 as an example. The actual interface may vary slightly from the product model. For more details, please refer to the User Guide of your router.


Step 1. Set the router as a wireless router

Note: To set up the router as a regular wireless router, make sure you already have a modem or your internet is from an Ethernet outlet.

1. Connect your router’s LAN4/WAN port to the modem or the network port.

2. Visit, and log in with the password you set for the router. 

3. Go to Advanced > Operation Mode.


4. Select the Wireless Router Mode option and click Save.

Step 2. Set up internet connection

1. After the router reboots, visit, and log in with the password you set for the router.

2. Set up an internet connection.

Method 1: via Quick Setup

Go to Quick Setup and follow the instructions to set up the network.

Method 2: via Network settings

Go to Advanced > Network > Internet, then click Add to configure the corresponding parameters.

Step 3. Enable 3G/4G Backup

1. Go to Advanced > Network > Internet.

2. Toggle on 3G/4G Backup to enable it.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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