Co zrobić, jeżeli nie można połączyć się z Deco M5 zdalnie?

If Something Goes Wrong
Updated 10-23-2019 13:14:26 PM
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If you are experiencing remote connectivity issues with your Deco M5, this guide will walk you through basic troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues.


Step 1: Exit the Deco app. On your home screen, select “Settings”.

Step 2:  Select “Wi-Fi” 

Step 3: Select the Deco M5 network name. (Example: test)

Step 4: Confirm you are connected to the Deco M5 network.

Step 5: Navigate back to your home screen and open the Deco app.

Step 6: Select “Try Again”.

Step 7: Wait until the home screen loads. If your Deco is experiencing an issue, an exclamation point will appear. Click on the image for more details.

Step 8: Read the “Health Check”.  The Deco app can also provide you with assistance when you select “Show me how” for additional information.

Step 9: Follow the instructions on the screen, then select “Got it”.

Step 10: Ensure all physical connections are properly connected. Verify the light on the top of the Deco unit is “Green” and try to connect again.

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