What should I do if my Archer C3200 cannot be detected by Tether?

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Because of the restriction of source code, if more than 16 clients are connected to Archer C3200, the buffer of tpapp process will overflow, then Tether will show “Tether doesn’t support the router” when you try to use Tether to login Archer C3200. Sometimes, even typing correct username and password, Tether will show “incorrect password”.

Currently, our R&D has released a beta firmware of Archer C3200 to fix this bug, and the following links are the download link.

For US version


For EU version


If the problem still exists, please follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue:

1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the device’s WiFi.

2. Make sure you are not connected to the device through a guest network.

3. Reboot the device or restart the Tether app and try again.


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