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How Does Long-Range WiFi Work?

By len.javeloza

A reliable internet connection is what everybody needs in their homes. Being in the WiFi range is sufficient for use indoors or outdoors. However, there are times when the range is not enough. 

You will not worry about disconnection and latency issues with a wide coverage area. In addition, long-range WiFi is easy to set up, and you do not need to spend as much time and money.

Here is how long-range WiFi works!

The Three Types Of Long-Range WiFi Networks

All devices need to be in the WiFi range. Therefore, long-range WiFi networks extend the coverage so you can access it from far away. It depends on the type of antenna used, potential obstructions, and how far the distance goes.   

The three types of long-range WiFi include:

Indoor WiFi Extenders

WiFi extenders are the supporting devices to your home network. However, the coverage may not provide access to specific areas. If you live at home and the WiFi range is insufficient, you can consider getting a mesh network or a range extender.

  • Range Extender -  Range extenders are sometimes referred to as WiFi boosters. It extends the WiFi range when placed at strategic locations. The extender has its SSID or name with its own password. The catch here is you may have to switch networks manually depending on the nearest device. 
  • Mesh Network - The mesh network is a group of nodes that band together to provide more coverage. For example, one node connects to the router while the others connect to your home. The device communicates to the nearest node for connectivity when you move around.

Long-Range Outdoor Networks

The long-range outdoor network enables WiFi connection outside of your home. The challenge here is to address the obstructions such as trees, walls, plants, and more. For example, a WiFi connection at your patio provides an access point for you and the visitors, but a possible barrier can be a nearby wall or shelf. 

You can mount the network in a location within your line of sight. As a result, you get more access points to connect to your WiFi. 

Long-Range Point-to-Point Networks

PtP (Point-to-Point) links can be used to transmit an internet connection from one place to another or to transmit data between two distant locations, like transmission between two distant buildings. Point-to-point networks are the bridge between buildings meters apart.  It is ideal for long-range wireless broadband networks.

You need a WiFi antenna in the designated direction for the best coverage. As a result, you can enjoy using the access points while you are far from where you are. 

How Do They Work?

Long-range WiFi works with a functioning antenna. Without the antennas, the WiFi range will not extend to the coverage area you want. 

Therefore, you must be familiar with the antennas. Having this information helps you in getting the best network for your home. 


Antennae have varying strengths and frequencies. And there are only two types of antennas, namely:

  1. Directional - The directional antenna focuses on a single direction. In addition, it sends and receives signals farther than the omni-directional antenna. It has a triangular shape bandwidth, making it ideal for point-to-point networks. 
  2. Omni-Directional - This antenna sends and receives signals at a 360-degree angle. In contrast to directional antennas, omni-directional antennas have a circular bandwidth. However, the range is shorter due to the many directions, but it provides more coverage. 

Knowing the type of antenna lessens the time it takes to set up the long-range WiFi. Ensure that the device you are using is compatible with the network. 

The Best Long-Range WiFi Networks At TP-Link

Long-range WiFi gives enough coverage to your home network. Not only does it cover every nook and cranny, but it provides enough access points for your devices. In addition, depending on your needs, it can be in one or all directions. Ultimately, the WiFi range should cover all important areas of your home.

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