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A Guide to Understanding Piso WiFi: 5 Things You Need To Learn About Piso WiFi

By len.javeloza

Piso WiFi is one of the hottest topics in the Philippines right now. Piso WiFi is a unique business model that lets you share your extra Internet connection with others who cannot afford a personal connection. It can be very profitable, but it's important to understand how this system works before investing in one. 

However, many still don't know what piso WiFi is or how it works. This guide will help you understand piso WiFi better so that you can decide if it's the right fit for your business too!

What Is Piso WiFi?

The term Piso WiFi is a portmanteau of "Piso," which means one peso in the Philippines, and "WiFi."

According to some articles, this business allows customers to pay for internet access with a small amount of money rather than making them subscribe to expensive plans like those offered by telecommunications companies like Globe Telecom or Smart Communications. Customers can purchase internet access for as little as 20 pesos, granting them unlimited data usage until midnight that day.

Piso WiFi Is A Relatively New Business In The Philippines.

It is a self-service coin-operated Internet system that caters to people trying to stay connected while on the go. Piso WiFi offers free WiFi access and a fast internet connection, and all you have to do is pay ₱1 per hour or ₱20 for 5 hours!

It's possible to operate a Piso WiFi for about 2,000 pesos a month, generating up to 40,000 pesos in revenue. But what does this mean? First, if you have enough capital, you can make lots of money by installing computers in public locations and charging for WiFi use.

You'll Need A Building Or An Accessible Location To Operate Piso WiFi

As the name indicates, you will need a building or location where you can put some network equipment and computers for your customers to use. You can use a building or location that already exists. If you don't have any space available on your property and don't want to build anything from scratch, you can find an existing location elsewhere and rent it out for this purpose.

Having a great location is crucial for any business to survive. Being accessible entails providing all information in a uniform and open format, guaranteeing that everyone can access it, and making sure that your business is adaptable and reachable to all. 

With an operational Piso WiFi business on an accessible area that modem WiFi can cover, there is unlimited potential for growth. 

There's No Limit To The Source Of Locations You Can Use As Long As It Has Electricity

The beauty of Piso WiFi is that it can be used at any location with an electrical outlet. However, the more people using your service, the more electricity you need. In addition, many other factors come into play when determining how much money you will make with Piso WiFi.

How Does It Work?

It offers free internet access to customers of businesses or organizations that install a WiFi hotspot on their premises.

Piso WiFi is a business that uses coin-operated computers located in areas where many people have access but aren't able to afford an Internet connection.

More About Piso WiFi

Piso WiFi is a business model developed in the Philippines and is now becoming popular in other countries. It allows people to share their internet connection with other users around them.

Piso WiFi works by connecting a router to prepaid electricity meters, which allows it to be powered for free at all times. The router shares its data connection with nearby users for an hourly fee of PHP 10.

Expertise In WiFi With TP Link

The Piso WiFi business model is a great way for people to earn income without investing in expensive equipment or technology. It's also very easy for anyone who wants to start up their own business from home or anywhere else where there's access to electricity and space for computers.

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