Omada Software Controller

Centralized Controller Software

  • Monitor and manage hundreds of EAPs in a single or multiple sites
  • Cloud access to manage from anywhere, anytime
  • Configure and automatically synchronize unified wireless settings to all EAPs in the network
  • Secure Guest Network with Facebook Wi-Fi and SMS Authentication
  • Rate Limit and Load Balance ensure the network stability and efficiency
  • Access Control and Rogue AP Detection protect the network from threats

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Omada App Yes
Centralized Management Up to 1,500 Omada access points, JetStream switches, and Omada routers*

Note: Go to to find all the device models supported by Omada Software Controller
Cloud Access Yes
L3 Management Yes
Multi-site Management Yes
Management Features • WiFi Heatmap Simulator
• Multi-Site Management
• Multi-User Privilege Assignment
• Automatic Device Discovery
• Batch Configuration
• Batch Firmware Upgrading
• Intelligent Network Monitoring
• Abnormal Event Warnings and Notifications
• Unified Configuration
• Reboot Schedule
• Captive Portal (Facebook WiFi, Voucher, SMS, etc.)
• Network Summary Report
System Requirements • Windows10, 8, 7,Vista, Ubuntu 14.04/16.04/18.04, CentOS 6.x/7.x, Fedora 20 (or above) and Debian 8/9

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