Fixed the problem of remote access of TL-WA7510N

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Updated 01-06-2017 07:44:41 AM 22353
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 Problem symptom:

Topology: TL-WA7510N---(LAN) TL-WR740ND (WAN)---internet---PC

        Log into the web UI of TL-WR740ND, under virtual server function, add the entry “external port 8000, internal port 80 to 7510N (such as”.
       Then on the PC, type in the WAN IP of 740ND: 8000 (such as on the address bar and it will pop up the WA7510N login authentication. After entering the password, it will, however, prompt the error message“You have no authority to access this router”

Solution: if the firmware of TL-WA7510N is older than TL-WA7510N_V1_121108, please upgrade to the firmware TL-WA7510N_V1_121108 (released on 11/8/1012), then the same settings.

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