What is TP-Link EAP/CAP MU-MIMO?

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What is SU-MIMO?

Most of the routers only support SU-MIMO (Single User – Multiple Input Multiple Output), which means their Wi-Fi can only communicate with one device at a time. With SU-MIMO router, each Wi-Fi device needs to wait its turn to send or receive data from the Internet. Therefore, the more devices connected to your home Wi-Fi, the slower it moves.


What is MU-MIMO?

MU-MIMO, short for Multiple User – Multiple Input Multiple Output, is one of the most important feature of 802.11ac Wave 2. MU-MIMO technology can improve your home network capacity and efficiency by allowing Wi-Fi to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. This decreases the time each Wi-Fi device has to wait to send or receive data from the Internet, as a result improving your home Wi-Fi experience.

Here we take EAP225 V3 for example. With MU-MIMO feature enabled, its 5G Wi-Fi can communicate with up to 2 devices simultaneously, improving the Wi-Fi up to 2x speed/capacity/efficiency (EAP225 V3 5G Wi-Fi has 2 streams).

Which TP-Link Wi-Fi products support MU-MIMO?

Currently EAP225_V3, EAP225-Outdoor_V1, CAP1200_V1 support MU-MIMO, and this feature is enabled by our EAP/CAP products by default.

What Wi-Fi devices can work with TP-Link MU-MIMO products?

All of the Wi-Fi devices can work with MU-MIMO router. But to get the improvement on Wi-Fi of MU-MIMO technology, the devices should also support MU-MIMO technology.

With the development of Wi-Fi technology, there will be more Wi-Fi devices supporting MU-MIMO technology in the coming years.

For MU-MIMO on TP-Link SOHO routers, please read :https://www.tp-link.com/MU-MIMO/

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