VIGI Video Management System

  • Central Management
  • Monitoring Center
  • System Dashboard
  • Virtual Map
  • AI Monitoring
  • Evidence Archive

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Secure Your Business with
Point-and-Click Simplicity

Centralized | Easy | Smart


VIGI VMS streamlines batch device management via a single interface, integrating real-time video monitoring,
an alarm center, and advanced features for effortless, robust security.


Key Benefits

  • Monitoring Center

    Monitoring Center

    • Up to 64-Channel Live Views.

    • Customize views and quickly access frequently used monitoring devices.

  • System Dashboard

    • All-in-one display of device status, alarm trends, and the latest alarms.

    • Stay updated on abnormalities and alarms and respond quickly.

    System Dashboard
  • Virtual Map

    Virtual Map

    • View device distribution on a Floorplan for clear monitoring coverage.

    • Click on devices on the map to access on-site monitoring screens.

    • Easily add virtual devices, simulate monitoring effects, and generate deployment plans with a single click.

  • AI Monitoring

    • Captures and summarizes moving humans in real-time, ensuring comprehensive monitoring without missing anomalies.

    • Smart framing enhances visibility of moving objects.

    AI Monitoring
  • Evidence Archive

    Evidence Archive

    • Save monitoring footage promptly and centrally archive and manage important evidence.

    • Customize evidence type, tags, and remarks for clearer and more efficient evidence management and easier backtracking.

Typical Topology

VMS PC Client

VMS Web Portal

(Connect to VMS Service)


VIGI VMS Service
(Deployed on Server)

VIGI Cameras and NVRs Remote Register to VMS Service




VIGI Camera

VIGI Camera

Third-Party Camera



Maximum User 50 Users and One Super User
Maximum Device 256 IPC Channels for Free, Expandable by Project
Management Features • Multi-Site Management
• Multi-User Privilege Assignment
• Video Monitoring and Playback
• AI Monitoring
• Map Monitoring
• Event and Alarm Management
• Virtual Map Design
• Custom Event Rule
• Batch Configuration
• Evidence Management
• System Maintenance
Supported Language • English
• 日本語
• Türkçe
• Español
• Português Brasileiro
• 繁体中文
• Français
• Italiano
• Deutsch
• Español (méxico)
• Português
• Русский
• 한국어
• ไทย
• Polski
• Český
• Slovenčina
• magyar
• Srpski jezik
• limba română
• Български език
• українська мова
System Requirements
Operating System • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32-bit, 64-bit)
• Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
• Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
• Microsoft Windows 11 (32-bit, 64-bit)
CPU Intel Core i5 Processor and Above
Memory 4GB and Above
Browser Version • Microsoft Edge 106 and Above
• Google Chrome 107 and Above
• Firefox 106 and Above

*The images are for reference only, please refer to the actual software functions.

**Please go to to confirm which models are compatible with VIGI VMS.

Support connecting third-party cameras using ONVIF and RTSP protocols.

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