How to use the Ping tool in Omada APP

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1. What is a Ping Tool

Ping tools allow network managers to detect the reachability of a host a local or internet-based network. They can use an IP address or domain name. TP-Link has built a Ping tool into the Omada APP. You can use it to check the connection to any node right from your phone.

Note: The built-in ping tool only provides the most basic function of Ping in the Omada APP. If you want to use the more advanced functions of a ping tool please use the command line function built into a computer or other specialized apps.

2. When would you use a Ping Tool

When you are having trouble connecting to the Internet or cannot gain access to a specific host. You can use a ping test on the wireless clients, and to test an unreachable node’s connectivity to determine where an issue may lie.

3. Commonly used addresses on a Ping Test

  • Uplink AP IP address.
  • Uplink Switch IP address.
  • Uplink Router IP address.
  • WAN IP address of Router.
  • Public DNS server such as,, etc.
  • Public domain name.

4. How to use the Ping Tool in the Omada App

  • Open and login to your Omada APP, then click the top left icon to open the sidebar
  • In the Sidebar tap on ‘Network Tools’
  • Tap on ‘Parameters’ to customize your Ping test

  • Tap on ‘Done’ to save the parameters.
  • Go back to the previous page, type in the IP address or domain name, then tap ‘Ping’
  • Review the results to determine which part of link is having problems

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