How to configure Link Backup on Dual WAN Router using the new GUI?

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With Link Backup function, the router will switch all the new sessions from dropped line automatically to another to keep an always-online network. You can configure the Link Backup function based on the actual need to reduce the traffic burden of WAN port and improve the network stability.

There is an example of daily use below showing how to configure Link Backup on dual WAN router correctly:

A customer has a TL-ER6120 V2 and there are two WAN ports connected to the Internet. He wants to use WAN1 at work and use WAN2 after work. The working time is from Monday to Friday 6:00-18:00. How to configure Link Backup in order to meet the demand of this customer?

Step 1 Set up the Time Range for the Backup WAN effective time.

Choose the menu Preferences->Time Range, you can define the time-range entry on this page.

Step 2 Enable Load Balancing

Choose the menu Transmission -> Load Balancing->Basic Settings. Check Enable Load Balancing.

Note: Enable Load Balance must be enabled if you want to configure Link Backup. Otherwise Link Backup won’t work normally.

Step 3 Choose the Primary WAN and Backup WAN.

Choose the menu Transmission->Load Balancing->Link Backup. Set up Primary WAN as WAN1 and Backup WAN as WAN2.

Step 4 Choose Timing/Failover Mode.

Choose Timing Mode and set up Effective Time as the Time Range which configure above.

If you choose the Timing Mode, during the effective time, Backup WAN will be online and Primary WAN will be offline. During the other time, Primary WAN will be online and Backup WAN will be offline. When the online WAN failed, the offline WAN will still keep offline.

If you choose the Failover Mode, Backup WAN will be online only when Primary WAN failed.

Step 5 Set up the Online Detection.

Choose the menu Transmission->Load Balancing->Online Detection

The Link Backup feature is used with Online Detection. In online detection, auto mode uses DNS lookup to detect the route to the gateway of WAN port, if you want specific route detection, you can choose Manual mode.


If you want that WAN2 only works after WAN1 failed, you don’t need to configure Time Range and you should choose Failover Mode. And others configuration is the same as above.

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