What's the difference between Master Administrator, Administrator and Viewer account in Omada Controller?

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When you are ready to add new administrators to your Omada Controller, there will be three types of account roles you choose to assign. Master Administrator, Administrator, and Viewer. The level of rights and access will be determined by the type of account role assigned to the user.

*With V5.9 and up of the Omada Controller supports customized user role settings. These 3 roles remain the default options.

When you add a new user to an Administrator or Viewer role, you could specify which sites you want them to have permission to access. These users cannot see sites beyond their assigned authorization. Their management will be limited to their access and assigned role. Master Administrator users have full access and can assign lesser roles and access.

Account Description

1) Master Administrator

This role is assigned to the user who sets up the Controller for the first time. The account’s login will be tagged as a Master Administrator account and will have full access to Controller and all sites and systems it manages.

2) Administrator account

Administrator accounts have more access than a viewer account but less than a Master Administrator account. The account cannot access the following options:

Global-View: Logs

Global-View: Settings

Site view: Transmission > Quality of Services

Site view: VPN > Wireguard

Site view: Profiles > Service Type

Site view: Services > DNS Proxy

Site view: Services > Export Data

Log out (top right corner)

3) Viewer account

Viewer accounts have the following restrictions:

No access——You cannot get to it or see anything

  1. Site >Device Account
  2. Wired > Internet > WAN
  3. Wireless Networks > WLAN > AI WLAN Optimization
  4. VPN >VPN > IPsec Failover/ SSL VPN
  5. Services > DHCP Reservation/Dynamic DNS/SNMP
  6. Account Settings (top right corner)

View only——You have access to it but have no permission to edit or see details of existing entries

  1. Dashboard
  2. Map
  3. Devices->Device List
  4. Insight
  5. Logs
  6. Tools
  7. Report
  8. Wired Networks->Internet->WAN mode
  9. Wired Networks->Internet->LAN
  10. Wireless Networks->WLAN
  11. Network Security->ACL
  12. Network Security->URL Filtering
  13. Network Security->Attack Defense
  14. Network Security->Firewall
  15. Network Security->IP-MAC Binding
  16. Transmission
  17. Authentication->Portal/ MAC-Based Authentication/ RADIUS Profile/ LDAP
  18. Services > mDNS/ UPnP/ SSH/ Reboot Schedule/ PoE Schedule/ IPTV/ Upgrade Schedule

Customized roles - Omada Controller v5.9

After you have upgraded your Omada Controller to v5.9 or higher, you’ll be able to assign customize roles with different permissions you want a specific user to have.

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