Omada SDN Controller Software Update (V4.3) Has Been Officially Released

    We are delighted to inform you about the new version of Omada SDN (Software-Defined Networking) Controller software (V4.3). Check the new features and upgrade the new controller >> now.


    What Major Changes Have Been Brought About By This Update?

    This new version adds many vital features for your business needs, including Multiple Portals, Dynamic VLAN, and Radius DM. We have listened to you and taken customers' needs into account by incorporating changes and suggestions discussed in the TP-Link SMB community. The significant changes brought by this new version are listed below.

    • Portal. Portal supports multiple entries.
    • Enrich Switch Layer3 Feature. This version incorporates VLAN Interface, Static Routing, DHCP Server, and DHCP Relay.
    • Other Important Features. Radius DM, AI Roaming, Dynamic VLAN, Daylight Saving time, Router Table, Dynamic DNS, VPN Status, Firewall-State Timeout, Rate Limit Templates, and more features are available to be configured on the new dashboard now.


    What is Omada SDN Controller?

    Omada SDN Controller has three forms—Omada Software Controller, Omada Hardware Controller, and Omada Cloud-Based Controller. They can centrally manage the whole Omada network, including Omada access points (APs), Jetstream switches, and Omada routers. Omada Software Controller and Omada Hardware Controller are on-premises controllers with cloud access. Omada Software Controller must be installed in a PC/Server to manage the whole network. Omada Hardware Controller is inserted with Omada Software Controller and without having to run a PC or Server. Omada Cloud-Based Controller is a controller software running entirely in the cloud without any installation on-premises.


    How Has the Omada SDN Controller Software Evolved?

    Omada SDN Controller (V4.1.5) was first released in July 2020. It has been optimized over the last few months to provide an improved user experience. The brand new UI and style offers improved efficiency, comprehensive network settings, and rapid maintenance function.


    What Models Does Omada SDN Controller Support?

    Omada SDN Controller supports more models following the recent upgrade. After being upgraded to V4.3, it supports the centralized management of up to 13 different AP models, 16 switch models, and two router models. The latest devices are listed on Omada SDN Compatibility List.

    Please notice that Omada SDN Controller can configure and manage the devices with the supported firmware. Please check if you have the latest firmware. If not, download the latest firmware and follow the instructions to upgrade it.


    Finally, don't wait and discover this new version of Omada SDN Controller software!



    What do you think of the new version of Omada SDN Controller software?  What functions are the most impressive ones? Welcome to tell us your ideas or opinions. We remain available at all times to answer any questions you may have.




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    *Device management capacity of the Omada Cloud-Based Controller v4.x is 1,500 and can be upgraded to v5.0 for unlimited capacity. V5.0 is currently in development. Should you need to manage over 1,500 devices with v4.x, please contact us for further help.

    **Actual management scale of the Omada Software Controller depends on the PC/server's hardware specifications.

    ***According to IDC Worldwide Quarterly WLAN Tracker Report, Q4 2020 Release. Based on units shipped.


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