How to configure Getting Time from NTP Server on TP-Link Smart & Managed Switch?


NTP (Network Time Protocol), a means of synchronizing clocks over internet. We can get time from the NTP server automatically after we successfully configure it.


Note: The configurations described in this document are based on the factory default settings. If your network is live, please be aware of the potential impact of any configuration.




Step 1: IP Configuration

To get time from the server successfully, we should make the switch access to the Internet successfully first. So we should configure the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway first.

Go to System à System Info à System IP, choose an IP Address Mode. If you choose DHCP or BOOTP, the switch will obtain network parameters from the DHCP or BOOTP server automatically. If you choose Static IP, please fill the parameters according to you actual network environment. The result is shown as below:


Step 2: Time Configuration

Go to System à System Info à System Time, click the Get Time from NTP Server, chose the Time Zone according to your real location and fill the Primary Server, Secondary Server and Update Rate. You can also leave the three terms as default, and then click apply to save. The result is shown as below:



1. When Get time from NTP Server is selected and no time server is configured, the switch will get time from the time server of the Internet if it has connected to the Internet.

2. The NTP server must be IP addresses and cannot be a domain name.

This Article Applies to:
TL-SL2428 , TL-SG5428 , T1500G-10PS
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