How to Setup Hotspot Authentication on EAP controller 2.x

Suitable for EAP controller 2.0.3 or higher controller 2.x version


By using Hotspot authentication network administrator can create a bunch of random voucher codes beforehand. The voucher code can be printed out and hand out to users who need to have Internet through Wi-Fi. It is especially convenient to use voucher authentication in café, hotel and places alike. 


1. Choose Hotspot as Authentication Type

Go to Wireless Control-> Portal, choose Hotspot as authentication type. Click Hotspot Manager to go to the hotspot configuration page.

2. Create voucher codes

Navigate to Voucher tab, click Create Vouchers button.

Voucher creation page will appear. You can set up the amount of voucher, the duration of each voucher. The voucher type can be One time or Multi use. The difference between the two is that Multi use allow multiple user to user the same voucher.

After creation you will be able to see all the voucher status.  

3. Manage voucher codes

You can print the voucher codes or delete the voucher codes on Voucher tab.

4. Enable portal on specific wireless network

Click “” ->Wireless Settings -> click“”, in the pop-up interface. Tick enable Portal and click Apply.

5. Customer enter the voucher code and enjoy Internet

When customer connect to TP-Link_EAP_Test the following page will appear. After filling in the voucher code and check term of use customer will be able to login and enjoy internet.

6. Check Guest status

Wireless clients which are connected to the portal, in this example, TP-Link_EAP_Test will be listed on Guest tab.

Network administrator can use  to disconnect a particular wireless client or use to extend its connection duration before the voucher expires.



  1. If Hotspot is enabled the controller need to stay running.
  2. The hyphen in the voucher code can be omitted when enter it on the landing page.
  3. The wireless clients which are connected to wireless network without portal authentication will be listed on Operator tab.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

This Article Applies to:
EAP245 , EAP220 , EAP115
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