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What Do You Need to Know Before Installing Hotel WiFi

By TP-Link Editorial Group

Any hotel of reputation must offer a strong and stable wireless network for its guests. Consumers demand both high-speed and convenient internet connections and focus on it while rating their accommodation experience. As a business owner, you can improve your customer's satisfaction by providing a high-quality hospitality solution.


There are many factors that every hotel owner needs to account for when building a reliable, cost-effective wireless network that keeps guests happy and drives customer retention. The hotel network diagram, design, topology, and security are all factors that must be considered when you work with TP-Link on building your hospitality-ready wireless network.


  1. What Does TP-Link Provide with Its Hospitality Solutions?
  • We provide powerful wired and wireless networks to both customers and employees.
  • The entire hotel is covered with high-speed WiFi, including outdoor areas such as parking lots and swimming pools.
  • Our networks ensure uninterrupted business and guest data security.
  • Integrate advertising and promotional content to affiliate customers.
  • We work with you to create elegant devices that blend into any hotel decor.
  • Manage and maintain the networks with ease.


  1. Typical Solution Topology

Hotel network topology, hotel WiFi design, hotel surveillance, Hotel network diagram

Note: The Omada Hardware Controller and Omada Software Controller can be replaced with the Omada Cloud-Based Controller


  1. What Can You Get with Our Hotel Network Solution?
  • Full Wireless Coverage

Ceiling mount, wall plate, and outdoor Access Points (APs) provide high-speed WiFi for all indoor and outdoor scenarios.

  • Stable Wired Connections

High-speed wired connections provide 2.5 G or 1 G Ethernet ports (802.3af/at PoE).

  • Seamless Roaming for Uninterrupted Streaming

Ensure customers enjoy uninterrupted streaming when moving around the premises by switching clients automatically to the APs with the optimal signal.

  • Boost Business with Customized Page

Boost your online business opportunities through guest WiFi authentication page or Facebook authentication, displaying promotional information. The integrated dashboard tracks key customer data to enhance business results.

  • Easy Centralized Management

Manage your APs, switches, routers, and more from one easy-to-use interface. Configure and update in batches to maintain network devices remotely.

  • Quickly and Remotely Troubleshoot*

Quickly locate network faults. Notify users and analyze potential network problems with Omada's easy-to-use management interface and AI-driven technology.

  • High-Density WiFi Deployment

Omada WiFi 6 and WiFi 5 APs improve network efficiency, ensuring top-tier performance for restaurants, meeting rooms, and other high-density customer flow areas.

  • Easy Installation and Deployment

A refined, minimalist appearance allows for easy installation and deployment. The mount is designed to support PoE.

  • High-Security Hotel WiFi

Many security functions are integrated into the gateways, switches, and APs. Businesses no longer need to worry about managing their hotel network's security with TP-Link's commitment to safety and security online.


  1. How TP-Link Serves You

TP-Link provides reliable network solutions for hospitality, education, retail outlets, and offices worldwide. We have successfully engineered and installed thousands of hotel networks around the world, providing one-stop solutions, professional support, easy management, and reliable products. Our Hospitality Networking Solutions support any budget, so find out more on our website to get the perfect package for your site.


*Remote and quick troubleshooting is being developed and scheduled to be released in 2021

TP-Link Editorial Group

TP-Link Editorial Group

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