WiFi Marketing

WiFi Marketing

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WiFi marketing is one of the most innovative and effective ways to advertise. You have the opportunity to showcase your products, services, offers, promotions, or simple information related to your business. With TP-Link captive portal functions, you can boost your online business through guest WiFi with Facebook Login, Voucher, and other flexible authentication options. It has become a standard feature in many companies where there are visitors, such as a hotel, a restaurant, a store, a café, a shopping mall, and other locations that offer free WiFi.

Boost Business with A Customized Page

Captive Portal provides direct exposure for promotional information and other marketing content while securing guest network access. TP-Link Omada offers eight kinds of captive portal authentication methods, including Facebook WiFi, Voucher, SMS, Local User, and other flexible options.

Get More Free Exposure on Social Platform

When visitors connect using social media (Facebook or Instagram), they engage with your profile, and more people discover your business. Connecting your social media platforms to your captive portals is free advertising.


Allow the customers to log in to the WiFi with Instagram, bringing direct exposure and potential followers to your Instagram account.


Getting access to your WiFi by checking in on Facebook impresses customers and brings followers. With the function, the customer stays connected to the WiFi by sharing the location in their profile.

What Can You Get with TP-Link WiFi Marketing

  • Advertise

    Advertise special offers, new products, and events in WiFi by displaying full-page ads when customers connect to WiFi.

  • Share Coupons and Promotional Information

    Share discount coupons configured and served to customers, available for redemption at any point of sales.

  • Social Logins to Promote Brand

    Allow customers to connect with Facebook or Instagram logins to share the locations and names of your business to their social platform of choice.

  • Collect Information

    Get customer information with a customized login page by building a page that collects user authentications data.

  • Customer’s Flow Analysis

    See the real-time network status or track customers' critical data for better business results with an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Secure Guest Access

    The guest network provides secure access to guests sharing your WiFi network, with captive portal helping maintain only authorized guests to use the network.

How to Build Your WiFi Marketing

  • 1

    Choose TP-Link Omada APs

    All TP-Link Omada access points are equipped with captive portal.
    Start to pick your products

  • 2

    Configure Portal Page

    Log in to the Omada management page, go to Wireless Control part and click Portal, and choose the portal authentication that you want.

  • 3

    Boost Your Business

    Increase revenue, build loyalty, enhance social media presence, and learn your customers now.

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