How to use recovery mode to recover firmware for VIGI Camera and NVR

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If the VIGI NVR/Camera becomes unresponsive or stops working after a firmware upgrade due to disoperation or power supply interruption, it can be restored to normal using the firmware recovery function.


1. The NVR cannot boot successfully, no image output on the connected monitor via HDMI or VGA, or it remains stuck on the logo screen.

2. The Camera doesn’t respond to any operations, such as device adding or video stream via RTSP.

How to recover

Step1: Find a PC and assign a static IP address to it. The IP address needs to be in the subnet and cannot be or

For example:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Step2: Power on the IPC or NVR.

Directly connect the Ethernet port of the PC to the Ethernet port of the IPC/NVR. Please note, do not use a switch between NVR/IPC and PC.

For NVR4032H, please use the LAN port 2.

Step3: Open a web browser and enter the IP address in the address bar, then press 'enter'.

For VIGI NVR, use For VIGI Camera, use

This will take us to the firmware recovery page.

Step4: Upload the correct official firmware file and upgrade.

(You can obtain the official firmware from TP-Link Official Website or TP-Link Technical support team)

Step5: VIGI NVR/Camera will reboot and restore normal operation within a few minutes.

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