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Have you ever noticed large, irregular halos on your device's screen, especially after rain or in damp weather? These can significantly disrupt your viewing experience. This article will explain why this happens and how to fix it. By understanding these common screen distortions, you can take the necessary steps to maintain the quality of your device's.

Q1: What causes the appearance of large, irregular halos on my screen as below picture?

A: This issue is typically caused by dirt or contamination on the lens or casing of your device. Common culprits include fingerprints or condensation, which can lead to irregular reflections. These reflections then manifest as large, irregular halos on your screen.

Q2: How can I resolve this issue?

A: To rectify this, it's important to regularly check the condition of your device's lens and casing. Wiping the lens with a dry cloth can help keep it clean, reducing the likelihood of these halos appearing.

In the course of normal device usage, you might also notice glare or ghosting effects on your screen as below. The following section will explain these phenomena.

Q3: What are glare and ghosting effects?

A: Glare is a phenomenon that occurs around a light source, taking a shape similar to the light source, complete with a halo and radiating light beams. Ghosting, on the other hand, forms a light cluster at a different location that resembles the light source.

Q4: Why do these phenomena occur?

A: Both glare and ghosting occur when the point light source is too strong, causing light reflected from the lens surface to repeatedly reflect within the camera. These reflected lights cover the screen, reducing contrast and causing local obstruction, ultimately presenting as halos on the screen.

Q5: How can I resolve this issue?

A: To avoid these issues, consider the following methods:

1. Keep the lens clean. Dust or oily fingerprints on the lens can intensify ghosting and glare.

2. Use a lens hood.

3. Change the light source or shooting location.

4. Try to avoid shooting directly into the sun.

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