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Simulador TP-LINK


1. This Emulator is a virtual web GUI where you can program your TP-LINK product firmware. For details about an individual product’s features and specifications please use the search facility and go to the product page.

2. Please check the firmware version corresponds to the version shown on the Emulator interface. Each firmware version has its own GUI and functionality.

3. Please note that not all firmware versions are represented on the Emulator.

LAN Inalámbrica

  1. Wireless AC

    Archer C2 Archer C20i Archer C8    
  2. Banda Dual

    TL-WA890EA TL-WDR3500 TL-WDR3600 TL-WDR4300 TL-WDR4900
  3. 450Mbps Wireless N

    TL-WA901ND TL-WR1043ND TL-WR940N TL-WR941ND  
  4. Inalámbrico N a 300Mbps

    TL-WA801ND TL-WA830RE TL-WA850RE TL-WR1043ND TL-WR840N
    TL-WR841HP TL-WR841N TL-WR841ND TL-WR842ND  
  5. Inalámbrico N a 150Mbps

    TL-WA701ND TL-WA7210N TL-WA730RE TL-WA7510N TL-WR702N
    TL-WR720N TL-WR740N TL-WR741ND TL-WR743ND  
  6. Inalámbrico G a 54Mbps

    TL-WA501G TL-WA5110G TL-WR340G TL-WR340GD TL-WR541G
  7. Routers AP Client (WISP CPEs)

    TL-WA5110G TL-WA7210N TL-WA7510N TL-WR743ND TL-WR843ND
  8. Extensores de Rango

    TL-WA730RE TL-WA830RE TL-WA850RE    
  9. Inalámbrico de Alta Potencia y Alta Ganancia

    TL-WA5110G TL-WA7210N TL-WA7510N    
  10. Inalámbrico Externo

    CPE510 EAP120 TL-WA7210N TL-WA7510N