Omada Discovery Utility_v2.0.0_Mac

發佈日期: 2018-07-24 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 84.16 MB
作業系統: Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11

New Feature/Enhancement:
1. Change name to "Omada Discovery Utility".
2. Update background picture during installation.
3. Limit the maximum length of controller hostname to 79.
Bug Fixed:
Fix the bug that searching in the search box will cause the software to hang.
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11.

EAP Discovery_V1.0.3_Windows

發佈日期: 2016-04-12 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 3.39 MB
作業系統: WinXP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Server2008/Server2012

Modifications and Bug Fixes:

First Discovery Utility released.


For EAP series, including EAP110, EAP115, EAP120, EAP220, EAP320, EAP330,etc.



EAP Controller_V2.5.4_Windows

發佈日期: 2018-01-05 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 113.15MB
作業系統: Windows 7/8/10/Server

New Features/Improvements:
User Interface improvements
Bug Fixed:
1. Fix: COMODO security software will cause Initialization failure of the Omada Controller
2. Fix: Logo picture with transparent background will become black when uploaded in portal login page.


1. To use Omada Controller 2.5.x added new features, you need to upgrade your EAP's firmware to the corresponding version.
2. Once upgraded to this version of Omada Controller, you will NOT able to downgrade to an earlier version.
3. Portal configuration will be lost after upgraded to Controller 2.5.X from 2.4.X or earlier version.

Setup Video

  • How to Set up a TP-Link EAP via Web browser

    This video will demonstrate how to set up a TP-Link EAP via a web browser. The setup consists of three steps:
    1. Connect the EAP to the network
    2. Log into the EAP (via a wired/wireless connection)
    3. Change the default SSID
    This video is suitable for users with a small number (1-3) of EAPs .







  • 請在您購買地點的當地官方網站下載韌體並對您的TP-Link設備進行升級,否則將違反保固條款。如果有需要,請點選 這裡 以變更網站。
  • 為了合適的韌體版本,請確認您設備目前的硬體版本。錯誤的韌體更新可能會損壞您的設備並使保固失效。( 一般來說,V1.x=V1)
  • 非常重要,更韌體升級期間請勿關閉設備的電源, 因為這很可能會導致產品的永久性損壞。
  • 除非在TP-Link設備沒有LAN/Ethernet連接埠的狀況下,否則請不要使用無線連接更新韌體。對於LTE-MiFi,建議您透過USB連接埠進行升級。
  • 建議您停止電腦上所有的網際網路應用程式,或在升級前簡單地中斷網際網路線路即可。
  • 在升級前請使用解壓縮軟體,例如:WinZIP 或 WinRAR 解壓縮您下載的檔案。


發佈日期: 2017-11-09 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 7.17 MB

Recommended Controller software version: Omada Controller v2.5.x

Modifications and Bug Fixes:

Standalone Mode:
1.Support configuring DNS on Static IP mode.
2.Change the prefix of the default SSID from TP-LINK to TP-Link.
3.Display hardware version on the monitor page.
4.Fixed the bug that only the first three Predefine Country under the Daylight Saving is available to be selected.
5.Fixed the bug that the 2.4G radio stops working in congested RF environment.
6.Fixed the bug that the web server hangs up if the Host field of the HTTP GET URL has no ":" character.


Controller Managed Mode:
1.Support Facebook Portal Authentication, SMS Portal Authentication and Local User Authentication.
2.Support Rate Limit and Traffic Limit in Voucher Portal Authentication and Local User Portal Authentication.
3.Support configuring DNS on Static IP mode.
4.Support binding different SSID with different Portal Authentication.
5.Support creating up to four Radius server list in Portal authentication.
6.External Portal URL supports subdirectory, for example https://portal.demo.com/1.
7.Radius password supports special characters.
8.Fixed the bug that the portal page fails to be redirected to when the Controller's http port is changed.
9.Fixed the bug that the 2.4G radio stops working in congested RF environment.
10.Fixed the bug that the page chaos on the EAP Controller when upgrade the EAP Controller from the earlier version(v2.3.x).


1. For EAP220(EU) 
2. Your device's configuration won't be lost after upgrading.


發佈日期: 2017-01-13 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 7.09 MB

Recommended Controller Software Version: Omada Controller v 2.4.x

New Features/Improvements:

1. Improved the compatibility when upgrading the EAP firmware from UN to EU version.

2. Optimized the WPA-Enterprise encryption.


1. For EAP220 (EU)_V1.

2. Your device's configuration won't be lost after upgrading.


發佈日期: 2016-11-17 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 7.08 MB

Recommended Controller Software Version: Omada Controller v 2.4.x

New Features/Improvements:

1. Add Management VLAN, only the host which in the same VLAN as EAP can manage it.

2. Add restart command in SSH.

3. Optimize the captive portal authentication. After EAP Controller offline, under Hotspot and External Portal Server mode, the authenticated users won't be affected, while other users can't get authenticated.


1. For EAP220 (EU)_V1

2. Your device's configuration won't be lost after upgrading.


發佈日期: 2016-04-01 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 6.86 MB

Modifications and Bug Fixes:

1.Improve stability of the EAP220
2.Fixed the bug that you cannot add Group Member when the MAC Group name contains any blank spaces.
3.Fixed the bug that the MAC Group cannot associated with the SSID which contains any blank spaces.


1. You cannot downgrade to UN firmware with cluster mode anymore but can only upgrade to EU firmware after update.
2. Transmission power is compliant with CE.
3. If you upgrade this firmware, please also upgrade your EAP Controller to EAP Controller V2.4.4 or higher version.


發佈日期: 2015-12-22 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 6.85 MB

Modifications and Bug Fixes:

New Features/Enhancement:

1. Add band steering function.
2. Optimize access control, RSSI filter, clients statistic and log functions.
3. Optimize the inform mechanism between EAP and EAP controller.
4. Improve stability of the EAP220.


1.For EAP220(UN) V1.                                
2.Support EAP Controller V2.2.3 but cannot work with EAP Controller V2.0.3.
3.Your device's configuration won't be lost after upgrading.




請注意:TP-Link的產品部分包含由第三方開發的程式碼,包括:受GNU通用公共許可證(“GPL”),版本1 /版本2 /版本3或GNU較寬鬆通用公共許可證(“LGPL”)制約的程式碼。您可以使用相應的軟體條件來遵循GPL許可條款。

在此您可以查看、列印與下載對應的GPL許可條款。 您將收到TP-Link產品中用於直接下載的相關軟件的GPL原始以及進一步的資訊,包含在GPL碼中心下包含GPL程式碼的TP-Link軟體列表。

各自的程序分發沒有任何擔保; 甚至沒有對適銷性或特定用途的適用性的暗示保證。請參閱各自的GNU通用公共許可證了解更多詳情。

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