Make Landline Calls on Your
Smartphone or Tablet


What is tpPhone?

The tpPhone app allows you to make landline calls over the Internet via your smartphone and your tablet, without additional DECT handsets. With its intuitive visual user interface, you can easily view a list of voice messages, check missed calls, and initiate three-way conference calls.

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IP-Based Landline Calls over the Internet

Now you can start making landline calls over the Internet, without purchasing additional DECT handsets. The free tpPhone app supports all of the same features and offers even greater convenience.

Just connect your smartphone/tablet to your TP-LINK modem router’s wireless network and setup the tpPhone app. You can then make landline calls over the Internet using the app.

Supported modem routers
  • Phone

  • Router

Quick Access
to Your Contacts

The tpPhone app allows you to access all of the contacts stored on your smartphone and your TP-LINK modem router.

Missed Calls
and Visual Voicemail

The user-friendly interface will display missed calls and voice messages. You can view missed calls in the “Recent” tab and, if necessary, call back with the touch of a button. The voicemail provides a concise list of your messages and organizes them by caller, making it easy for you to navigate your call list and keep in touch.

Simple Three-Way Calling

The intuitive interface and dedicated icons make it easier to start a three-way conference call with the app than with a traditional telephone. When talking with one person, simply put the call on hold, call another person, and press the three-way calling icon.

High Definition Phone Calls

The tpPhone app supports HD (High Definition) telephony, which means you can enjoy a clearer, more
natural sound when you are making calls and listening to messages.

  • High Definition Sound Quality

  • Normal Definition Sound Quality

Supported Modem Routers
The following modem routers support the tpPhone app
  • Archer VR600v

  • Archer VR500v

  • Archer VR200v