TP-Link South Africa wins 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best Networking Brand

    TP-Link South Africa has won the prestigious 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best Networking Brand.

    The award is given to a networking brand that delivers a diverse range of networking hardware and solutions that offers excellent performance – including stable connectivity, high speeds, and innovative technologies and features.

    The networking products must also be popular among South Africans thanks to its great pricing, the value it offers, and its strong brand reputation.

    Based on these criteria, TP-Link South Africa is the deserving winner of this award.

    Impressive innovation

    Key to the success of TP-Link in South Africa has been its focus on embracing the latest innovations in networking technologies.

    It has already unveiled many new products for 2024, including its Omada range of switches, access points, and ceiling mounts.

    The Omada brand prioritises delivering world-class professional connectivity to South African businesses by combining ease-of-use with the latest connectivity technologies.

    These technologies including Software Defined Networking (SDN), centralised cloud management, and support for Wi-Fi 7.

    Wi-Fi 7

    Wi-Fi 7 is a key focus for TP-Link in 2024, as the new standard can deliver unprecedented throughput of up to 46Gbps.

    While Wi-Fi 6 delivered 37% faster speeds than Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 7 improves on Wi-Fi 6 by a whopping 480%.

    The real-world applications of this improved connectivity standard include better virtual meetings, increased business productivity, immersive AR and VR experiences, 8K video streaming, and revolutionary intelligent living.

    TP-Link sits at the forefront of innovation when it comes to Wi-Fi 7 and already offers multiple Wi-Fi 7 products across its Deco, Archer, and Omada ranges.

    It is this commitment to innovation, combined with its status as a firm favourite among both home and business users, that makes TP-Link South Africa the deserving winner of the 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best Networking Brand.

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