Why can’t I access cloud camera‘s video on Chrome or Edge browser

Note:This FAQ is suitable for all TP-Link cloud cameras including NC200, NC210, NC220, NC230 and NC250. Here we take NC200 as example.


Because Chrome and Edge browser have totally removed NPAPI Plugins while our TP-Link cloud camera exactly adopts NPAPI Plugins to load video stream, there is now a compatibility problem between our TP-Link cloud camera and Chrome/Edge browser. In other words, you can’t access TP-Link cloud camera’s video on Chrome/Edge browser now.  For this, we strongly suggest you choose IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera browser to access cloud camera’s video.

Right now, we change to Flash Plugin when you view the video on our cloud website. So this problem only occurs in the situation which you view the video on management website.

Truly sorry about the inconvenience caused to you. Sincerely thank you for choosing TP-Link camera. 

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