Advisory for Frequent DNS Requests on Related Routers

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Updated 06-08-2022 08:02:47 AM 1698

Recently TP-Link became aware of a concern with some of our products in which the router will send frequent DNS requests. If you have been experiencing this concern,you can check the latest firmware on the product's support page and update it.

We take the Deco XE75 V1.0 as an example.

Type the Deco XE75 in the search bar -> Support -> tap Firmware, then you can check if there is a latest firmware.

If there is no latest firmware on the support page, you can also resolve it with the following firmware updates.

Firmware Updates:

Archer AX55 V1: Here

Archer AX55(US) V2: Here

Archer AX73(US) V1: Here

Archer AX75(US) V1: Here

Archer AXE75(US) V1: Here

Archer AX53 V1: Here

Archer AX90 V1: Here

Archer AX4400(US) V1: Here

Deco X68 v1: Here

Deco X20 V4: Here

Deco W3600(US) V4: Here

Deco W6000(US) V1.2: Here

Deco W6000(US) V2.6: Here

Deco W7200(US) V1: Here

Deco X25(US) V4: Here

Deco X50 V1:Here

Deco X55(US) V1: Here

Deco X60 V3: Here

Deco X60(US) V4&V4.6: Here

Deco X3600 V1: Here

Deco X90 V1: Here

Deco X5700 V1: Here

Deco XE75 V1: Here

Deco XE5300 V1: Here

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