How do I connect my TP-Link Kasa Devices with Microsoft Cortana?

Configuration Guide
Updated 02-15-2018 00:39:47 AM

This FAQ provides step-by-step instructions for connecting your TP-Link Kasa account to your Microsoft Cortana digital assistant. This will enable easy voice control of your Kasa devices from anywhere using Cortana.


  1. Ensure Remote Control is enabled for all devices in your Kasa APP.
    1. Open the Kasa App and signed into your account. If you don’t have a Kasa account yet, please register for one.  You can refer to FAQ-948 for help.
    2. Ensure your Kasa devices are connected to your secured 2.4GHz home Wi-Fi network and you can control them from your Kasa app.
    3. Please make sure all devices are working via Remote Control. If you don’t know how to enable remote control, please refer to FAQ-946 and FAQ-1233.


  1. Ensure the names of your Kasa devices are compatible with voice recognition
    1. Each device must have a unique name.  Voice assistants can’t differentiate between duplicates.
    2. Device names should use recognizable words (avoid custom abbreviations or letter combinations).
    3. Avoid mixing numbers and letters as this sometimes confuses voice assistants.



  1. Ensure the Connected Home feature within Cortana is enabled
    1. Tap ≡ menu icon from the top menu within the Cortana app
    2. Tap the Notebook icon from the menu list
    3. Select the Connected Home option from the menu
    4. Tap the Enable option from the Connected Home screen.
    5. Authenticate with Cortana using your Microsoft Account as required


  1. Enable the Kasa Skill in Cortana
    1. Tap on Kasa from the list of Connected Home Skills in the Cortana App
    2. Tap the Connect button on the Kasa Skill page
    3. You may also view the relevant Terms of Use and Privacy Policy info


  1. Authorize the Kasa connection with Cortana
    1. After tapping Connect, you will be redirected to the Kasa Authentication screen
    2. Enter your Kasa account and password
    3. Tap Authorize button to connect.



  1. All done!  Time to start using Cortana to control your Kasa devices with your voice.
    1. Try a few simple commands like “Cortana, turn on my _________ light.”
    2. For a list of supported Cortana lighting voice commands, visit the Cortana support.