My Kasa App keeps telling me that my setup is not complete.

Updated 10-09-2017 02:14:50 AM 4506
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*Note: All Kasa Cams require and only work with the Kasa for Mobile App 

If you are having issues getting your Camera connected review the troubleshooting steps below.


Step 1:  Close your Kasa App and then restart the process. 

Step 2:  Move closer to your Camera or move your Camera closer to the router.  

Step 3:  Reset the camera by using a paperclip and press the reset button for 5 seconds to Default your device.

 *Note:  Reset button is located behind the removable cap on the back of the camera.

Step 4:  With a defaulted Camera attempt the setup process again.


If you need further assistance contact TP-Link Customer Support here.

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