Alexa Compatibility for TP-Link SOHO products

Before You Buy
Updated 10-29-2019 01:19:19 AM
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The TP-Link Router skill for Alexa makes managing your home network simpler and more convenient than ever before:
- Enable the guest network when friends come over
- Activate WPS to add new devices to the network
- Turn off the router’s LEDs at night
- Check the internet speed you’re getting from your provider
- Prioritize online applications or devices at those important moments

A few things you’ll need before you get started:
- An AVS (Alexa Voice Service) enabled device such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap or Echo Dot
- A TP-Link ID bound to your TP-Link product
- An Alexa-supported TP-Link product (listed hardware or above)

Wi-Fi Routers product
Model Hardware version User Case
Archer C5400X V1(Coming Soon)

QoS,Speedtest®,Guest Network,

LED,WPS,Night Mode

Archer C5400 V2
Archer C4000 V2(Coming Sonn)
Archer C3150 V2
Archer C2300 V1
Archer A2300 V1
Archer C9 V3/V4 

Guest Network, LED,

WPS, Night Mode

Archer C7 V4/V5 
Archer A7 V5 
Whole Home Wi-Fi product
Deco M9 Plus V1(Coming Soon)

QoS, Speedtest®, Guest Network,

LED, Night Mode

Deco M5 V1/V2
Deco P7 V1(Coming Soon)

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