Alexa Compatibility for TP-Link SOHO products

Before You Buy
Updated 11-02-2018 08:43:35 AM
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The TP-Link Router skill for Alexa makes managing your home network simpler and more convenient than ever before:
- Enable the guest network when friends come over
- Activate WPS to add new devices to the network
- Turn off the router’s LEDs at night
- Check the internet speed you’re getting from your provider
- Prioritize online applications or devices at those important moments

A few things you’ll need before you get started:
- An AVS (Alexa Voice Service) enabled device such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap or Echo Dot
- A TP-Link ID bound to your TP-Link product
- An Alexa-supported TP-Link product (listed hardware or above)

Wi-Fi Routers product
Model Hardware version User Case
Archer C5400X V1(Coming Soon)

QoS,Speed Test,Guest Network,

LED,WPS,Night Mode

Archer C5400 V2
Archer C4000 V2(Coming Sonn)
Archer C3150 V2
Archer C2300 V1
Archer A2300 V1
Archer C9 V3/V4 

Guest Network, LED,

WPS, Night Mode

Archer C7 V4/V5 
Archer A7 V5 
Whole Home Wi-Fi product
Deco M9 Plus V1(Coming Soon)

QoS, Speed Test, Guest Network,

LED, Night Mode

Deco M5 V1/V2
Deco P7 V1(Coming Soon)