What should I do if my smart device loses connection to the network?

Updated 08-21-2019 02:44:59 AM
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 For some reason, the smart device may lose connection to the network constantly, here are some simple troubleshooting tips aiming at solving this issue.

Step 1: Confirm the connection from the front-end router is stable.

1. You can connect your other devices such as a laptop or smartphone to the Wi-Fi network of the router to verify the internet connection of the router is working properly.

2. Confirm if there are any changes on the router that may cause the unstable issue of the smart device, such as changes in the Wi-Fi channel, channel width or wireless security type.

3. Try to reboot the smart device and check if it will turn to be normal or not.


Step 2: Update the firmware of Smart Device via Kasa

You can refer to the link to update the firmware of the smart device.


Step 3: Check the signal strength of the smart device on the “Device Settings” page.

If the signal strength is ranging from -70dBm to -40dBm, it means the smart device has a good signal from the router.

If the signal strength is less than -70dBm, it means the signal strength from the router is too weak. In this case, please move the smart device closer to your router for a try.



Step 4: Reset and re-configure the smart device again.

If the above tips are not working, please contact TP-Link support.