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Free Centralized Management Take Control of Hundreds Omada Products at Once

Omada enables the network administrators to monitor and manage all the Omada products in the network with a centralized management platform. This allows for great wireless scalability and remote network management, saving time and no extra IT staff fee will be needed.

  • Outdoor Access Points
  • Ceiling Mount Access Points
  • Ceiling Mount Access Points
  • Wall-Plate Access Points

Omada Controller

Ideal for indoor environments with a high density of users

Ceiling Mount Access Points

  • 11AC Access Points
  • 11N Access Points

Durable with boosted coverage to deliver seamless Wi-Fi in outdoors

Outdoor Access Points

  • 11AC Access Points
  • 11N Access Points

Flexible installation and dedicated in-room Wi-Fi for hotels and dormitories

Wall-Plate Access Points

  • 11AC Access Points
  • 11N Access Points

Manage Anywhere, Any Time via the Cloud

Very soon, Omada will offer cloud access to its centralized management platforms,Omada Controller software or the Cloud Key, so you can take control of the network no matter where you find yourself.

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  • Russian Railways
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Calasanz School
  • Mc Donalds in Ukraine
  • TV Skyline
  • TSUI WAH Restaurant
  • IT Service Provider in Canada
  • Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa
  • City Seasons Hotel

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  • Site Survey

    Professional site surveys to evaluate customer’s unique networking needs
  • Training

    Online training system and webinars, as well as on-site training by specialists
  • Warranty

    TP-Link Business products with a lifetime warranty are covered at no additional cost to the original purchaser.*

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* For warranty information of specific products, please contact our local team.