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Cloud-Based Omada Controller FREE!

Zero Touch Deployment. Unlimited Management Scale.
First 3 Months Free. Full Technical Support.

Are you tired of sending engineers on-site to enroll and configure networking devices? Are you looking to avoid setting up a new controller for every new site? TP-Link Omada is proud to introduce it's new 100% Cloud-Based Controller with this special early bird offer.

The Omada Cloud-Based Controller offers an unlimited management scale and removes the need to send technicians on-site for device provisioning. Experience efficiency and scalability in your project deployments and device management like never before.

Take advantage of our early bird free offer below and get 3 FREE* months of the Omada Cloud-Based Controller!

Criteria To Apply**

Must Be a professional System Integrator, Installer, IT Administrator, or MSP.

How To Request Your Free License

Simply complete the form below to request your free license.

What is your application scenario for utilizing Omada? (e.g. Hotel, Educational Institution, Office etc.)

*Limited time only. Free 3-month licenses are selected based on the information you provide in your application. Licenses are not transferrable. TP-Link reserve the right to make changes at any time.

**Please Note: If you do not migrate to a hardware/software controller or upgrade to a Paid license, at the end of your 3-months, you will lose management of your licensed device.

*** Application deadline is August 1, 2022.

**** TP-Link will only accept applications for this offer from the United States.