FAQ: Hardware

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1What is the Operating Temperature and Storage Temperature of the Switch?

Operating temperature: 0°C to +40°C

Storage temperature: -40°C to +70°C

2How Can I View the Temperature of the Switch?

For T3700G-52TQ, you can run the show environment temperature command in Privileged EXEC mode and any configuration mode to view the current temperature.

For other switches, the temperature of the switch cannot be viewed.

3Can the Switch Use DC Power Supply?

All the switches can use AC power supply. Some layer 2 and layer 3 managed switches such as T2700G-28TQ and T3700G-28TQ which support TP-Link RPS (Redundant Power Supply) can also use DC power supply for the purpose of backup. Thus the switches can work uninterruptedly in the event of an internal power supply failure.

4Does the Switch Support PoE?

Switches that contain the letter P in their model name support PoE. For example, T2600G-28MPS is a PoE-capable switch.

5Does the Switch Interface Support 100M Optical Modules?

All the switches with SFP ports support 1000M Optical Modules. Some switches also support 100M Optical Modules such as T1500G-10MPS, T1500G-10PS and T2600G-18TS.

As the device connected to the port should be in the same speed mode as the port, please set the speed mode as 100M for the SFP port which the 100M Optical Module is connected to.

The following example shows how to set the speed mode as 100M for the SFP port 17 on T2600G-18TS:


Switch (config)# interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/17

Switch (config-if)# speed 100

6Are the Switches Equipped with Fans?

Some layer 3 switches and PoE switches are equipped with fans for heat radiation.

At present, T3700G-52TQ, T3700G-28TQ, T2700G-28TQ, T2600G-28MPS (TL-SG3424P), T1700X-16TS, T1600G-28PS (TL-SG2424P), T1600G-52PS (Tl-SG2452P), T1500-28PCT (TL-SL2428P) and T1500G-10MPS are all equipped with fans.

7Does the Switch Support the Optical Modules of Other Vendors?

Generally, the switch supports the optical modules of other vendors as the TP-Link switches are in accordance with the industrial standard. However, some vendors customize their products for specific purposes and their products may not be compatible with the TP-Link switches.

Here you are recommended to choose SFP modules produced by TP-Link, which deliver high speeds while extending your network.

8Does the SFP+ Port Support 1Gbps?

For T3700G-28TQ/T3700G-52TQ/T2700G-28TQ, the SFP+ port only support 10Gbps.

For T1700G-28TQ/T1700X-16TS, the SFP+ port supports 1Gbps. The premise is to set the speed mode as 1000M for the SFP+ port.

The following example shows how to set the speed mode as 1000M for the SFP+ port 25 on T1700G-28TQ:


Switch (config)# interface ten-gigabitEthernet 1/0/25

Switch (config-if)# speed 1000

9Will the PoE Function of PoE Switches be Affected When a 110V Power Source is Used?

110V lies inside of the valid voltage range 100~240VAC supported by TP-Link switches.

So the PoE function of PoE switches will not be affected when a 110V power source is used.

10Is the Interface Card (TX 432) Hot-pluggable?

The interface card is hot-pluggable. It has two 10G SFP+ ports, and is compatible with T2700G series switches/T3700G series switches.

11What Does the Package Contain?

The package contents for the switch are as follows:

One switch

One power cord

Two mounting brackets and the fittings (For the specific number of fittings, please refer to the QIG)

Installation Guide

Resource CD

Manual, SNMP Mibs, TP-Link 802.1X Client Software, USB Console Driver (Only for T2500G-10TS/T2600G series switches/T3700G-52TQ)

One console cable (Only for managed switches)

One USB cable (Only for T2500G-10TS/T2600G series switches/T3700G-52TQ)