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This FAQ provides an insight into the model form and power supply of Omada EAP(EAP). 

There is an FAQ about Power over Ethernet (PoE). For the supported power supply of a specific EAP model, see the information in the specifications on the product page or the datasheet on the Download page.



PoE 802.3af, PoE+ 802.3at, PoE++ 802.3bt referred to PoE and Passive PoE referred to Passive PoE

EAP***  usually referred to the ceiling mount EAP, e.g. EAP225, EAP620.

EAP***-Wall usually referred to the wall plate EAP, e.g. EAP115-Wall, EAP615-Wall.

EAP***-Outdoor usually referred to the outdoor EAP, e.g. EAP110-Outdoor, EAP225-Outdoor.


Omada EAP can be divided into three categories by form: ceiling mount(indoor), wall plate(indoor), and outdoor. Besides, it can also be divided by its complied WiFi protocol. EAP 600 series presents WiFi 6; EAP 200 series is WiFi 5 and EAP 100 series is WiFi 4. 

To better help deploy a small or middle network, all Omada EAP support PoE to ease the stress of using too many power sockets. By using Power over Ethernet, it is convenient for cable managing and deployment. PoE switch is a good helper in this case. Related reading: What is PoE switch?


  • All ceiling mount EAP supports PoE except EAP110(Passive PoE only).

* If ceiling mount EAP support Passive PoE, the Passive PoE injector(adapter) will be included in the package.

* EAP that do not support Passive PoE, e.g. EAP 600 series, but support PoE and DC power, the package includes an external power adapter instead.

  • All wall plate EAP only support PoE. The package contents do not include any PoE injector(adapter).
  • All outdoor EAP support PoE and Passive PoE except EAP110-Outdoor (Passive PoE only). 


** When using the outdoor EAP, the PoE adapter and any AC/DC power cord should be placed inside and avoid water and dust. It is recommended to use weatherproof Ethernet cable to supply outdoor EAP. 

** If the EAP support both PoE and Passive PoE, the package contents include the Passive PoE injector.

** Passive PoE adapter is not allowed to be used for non-Passive PoE connection. There is a potential to damage the connected device. 

Omada EAP power supply datasheet


Passive PoE



DC Input














































√* The wall plate supports PoE OUT only when powered by PoE+ (802.3at)


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