WiFi Marketing

WiFi marketing is one of the most innovative and effective ways to advertise. Here you will have the opportunity to show them your products, services, offers, promotions or simple information related to your business. With TP-Link captive portal functions, boost your online business through guest WiFi with Facebook Login, Voucher, and other flexible authentication options. It has become a standard feature in many businesses where there are visitors, such as a hotel, a restaurant, a store, a café, a shopping mall, and other locations that offer free WiFi services.

Boost Business with A Customized Page

Captive Portal provides direct exposure for the promotional information and other marketing contents while securing network access for guests. TP-Link Omada offers eight kinds of captive portal authentication methods, including Facebook Login, Voucher, SMS, and other flexible options.

What Can You Get with TP-Link WiFi Marketing

  • Advertise

    Advertise special offers, new products and events in WiFi (Show full page ads when customers are connected to the WiFi).

  • Share Coupons and Promotional Information

    Share discount coupons (Configure and serve coupons to customers that can be redeemed at any point of sales).

  • Social Logins to Promote Brand

    Allow customers to connect with Facebook logins, and share the locations and names of your business to the social platform.

  • Collect Information

    Get customer information with a customized log in page (Build a customized page to collect data from user authentications, especially useful in a workshop or event).

  • Customer’s Flow Analysis

    See the real-time network status, or even track the key data of customers for better business results with an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Secure Guest Access

    Guest network provides secure access to guests sharing your WiFi network, with captive portal helping maintain only authorized guests to use the network.

How to Build Your WiFi Marketing

  • 1

    Choose TP-Link Omada APs

    All TP-Link Omada access points are equipped with captive portal.
    Start to pick your products

  • 2

    Configure Portal Page

    Log in to the Omada management page, go to Wireless Control part and click Portal, and choose the portal authentication that you want.

  • 3

    Boost Your Business

    Increase revenue, build loyalty, enhance social media presence, and learn your customers now.


TP-Link 提供網路方案的成功是建立於與夥伴的合作以及承諾。對於增值經銷商 (VARs) 和系統整合商 (SIs) 尋求獲得更好的交易和量身打造的支持,TP-Link 設計了 TP-Link 夥伴計畫來幫助企業成長。

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