TP-Link Showcases Cutting-Edge Integrated Network and Surveillance Solution at APAC Enterprise Partner Summit 2024 in Bangkok

    Bangkok, Thailand  — Jun 28, 2024 —TP-Link hosted the APAC Enterprise Partner Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, with the theme “Together, Power The Future.” The event attracted over 800 clients and partners from 18 countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India. Brian Dong, Vice President of TP-Link Asia Pacific, unveiled the TP-Link APAC Partner Advisory Board and introduced the new Omada brand logo.

    “With the increasing adoption of AI and the growing demand in the cloud, there is a significant need for higher performance, higher quality, and more integrated enterprise network and security hardware,” said Brian Dong. “Over the next three years, the enterprise network and security market in APAC is projected to grow at an annual rate of 20%. Omada Central — TP-Link's Omada and VIGI integrated network and surveillance solution—will have a broad range of industry applications.”

    Omada New Product Launch

    At the summit, TP-Link’s professional business network brand, Omada, introduced several enterprise-grade products, including a multi-scenario Wi-Fi 7 solution, Omada PtP & PtMP Bridge Solution, Omada Stackable L3 Managed Switches, and Omada Industrial. Additionally, the free cloud-based system, Omada Essential, was launched, featuring Free Cloud, Quick Setup with ZTP, Simple Management, and Easy Maintenance. Management tools for installers and SIs, such as Omada Navi app and Omada Network Designer, were also unveiled.

    VIGI New Product Launch

    VIGI introduced its Complete Security Solutions at the summit, showcasing products under the InSight series, including 180° Panoramic Cameras, Dual-Lens 180° Panoramic Cameras, Motorized Varifocal Cameras, 360° Fisheye Cameras, ColorPro Cameras, 4G LTE Cameras, 7-inch Speed Dome Cameras, multiple NVRs, and solar-powered products. In July, VIGI will launch its VMS (Video Management System) software, featuring a Unified Dashboard, Live View & Playback, Event Center, Map Monitoring, and Organization & Site functionalities. Khalid Yang, the Senior Product Manager of the TP-Link Enterprise Surveillance BU, announced that VMS will be available in Essential and Standard versions. The Essential version will offer basic security features and be completely unlimited and free, allowing all customers to experience VIGI VMS's outstanding security management.

    Industry Expert Presentations

    Gary, the General Manager of the TP-Link Enterprise Networking BU, and Eden, the General Manager of the TP-Link Enterprise Surveillance BU, shared insights into the future trends of enterprise networking and surveillance.

    Additionally, eight clients from various industries, including Qualcomm, Infinity, and Jnets, delivered keynote presentations on the latest and most in-depth networking and surveillance deployment cases.

    TP-Link's Enterprise Solution Showcase

    The event featured a 600-square-meter exhibition area divided into seven sections: one main area and six sub-areas. The sub-areas showcased integrated network and surveillance solutions for education, hotel Ethernet, hotel GPON, outdoor environments, chain stores, and various vertical industries.


    In the era of digital to intelligent transformation, TP-Link is dedicated to developing high-quality, reliable, flexible, and efficient integrated network and surveillance solutions. We strive to provide advanced, consistent software and hardware services for networking and security, empowering our partners to strengthen their competitive edge in the industry.



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