VIGI by TP-Link Unveils New Professional Business Surveillance Solutions at ISC West

    Innovative new products include AI-powered retail and hotel security solutions, solar power supply systems, night vision cameras, and a robust management platform


    IRVINE, Calif. – April 10th, 2024 -- VIGI, the professional surveillance brand by TP-Link®, is showcasing its new solutions and technology for the U.S. market in booth 13099 at ISC WEST 2024, which will take place at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas from April 9 to 12. VIGI offers intelligent, professional, and comprehensive security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that enhance their safety and support their growth.

    Here’s a closer look at the key products and exceptional features that VIGI will be showcasing at ISC West:


    VIGI Retail Solution

    Today’s retail industry faces significant challenges such as theft, declining profitability, and inefficient store management. The VIGI Retail Solution incorporates innovative features designed to revolutionize store security and improve operational efficiency. At the core of the solution is the VIGI MPU-Driven AI Detection technology, featuring Line-Crossing Detection and Object Abandoned Detection. This advanced capability empowers retailers to identify threats in real-time, preventing losses and ensuring a secure shopping environment.


    Moreover, Fisheye Imaging technology is integrated to minimize blind spots within stores, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage. VIGI also offers a suite of analytics tools including People Counting, Flow Analytics, Heat Map, and Pathway Analytics, enabling retailers to analyze customer behavior and optimize business strategies. To streamline chain store management, VIGI incorporates Quick Tour functionality, while VIGI Cloud VMS simplifies chain store expansion.


    VIGI Hotel Solution

    The hotel industry faces safety risks due to high volumes of foot traffic and insufficient coverage of blind spots. VIGI’s innovative Dual-Lens Wide-Angle Imaging Technology ensures comprehensive 32:9 ultra-wide coverage in open areas like lobbies and parking lots, effectively reducing blind spots. Furthermore, VIGI’s cutting-edge AI ISP-Powered ColorPro Night Vision Technology excels in capturing vivid colors and sharp images in dimly lit spaces, facilitating timely threat detection.


    VIGI also provides AI-enabled solutions from pre-warning to post-event tracking. Its advanced MPU-Driven AI Detection quickly identifies potential threats and issues alarms to prevent incidents, while VCA-Based Smart Search enables quick target location based on specific attributes like gender and vehicle color. Overall, VIGI’s tailored hotel solutions enhance security measures, leading to improved customer satisfaction.


    VIGI Intelligent Solar Power System

    VIGI’s modular solar products like VIGI SP9030 offer flexible camera and network device combinations for simplified installation. Users can monitor and manage remotely through the VIGI app for peace of mind regardless of location. The use of MPPT Controller and Class A monocrystalline silicon solar panels ensures improved charging and conversion efficiency. Additionally, you can adjust the solar panel angles to maximize sunlight exposure, with optional angles ranging from 5° to 55°.


    VIGI’s solar products also maintain stability with IP66 waterproof support, suitable for harsh outdoor environments. Moreover, the built-in smart battery utilizes intelligent auxiliary heating technology for operation across a wide temperature range. Count on VIGI for dependable power and network supply in suburban areas.


    AI-Powered and Superior Color Night Vision Cameras

    VIGI Insight Series Cameras

    VIGI Insight Series cameras, such as VIGI C485 and VIGI C345, stand out for their advanced AI capabilities like People Counting, Face Recognition, and People & Vehicle Attribute Analysis. People Counting accurately tracks customer entrances and exits, providing insights for space optimization, staffing, and marketing. Face Recognition detects faces, extracts unique features, and matches them with a database to enhance security. People & Vehicle Analytics filters individuals or vehicles based on attributes for efficient searching. Additionally, these cameras provide professional image features like 4K Ultra HD, Fisheye Imaging, and Dual-Lens Wide-Angle Imaging to capture clear visuals and minimize blind spots.


    VIGI Aurora Series Cameras

    VIGI Aurora Series cameras like VIGI C340S excel in capturing vivid colors and clear videos even in ultra low-light conditions. This is made possible by VIGI ColorPro Night Vision Technology, featuring a large F1.0 aperture, high-sensitivity sensor, and AI-powered ISP module. These cameras can record full-color videos with exceptional clarity unmatched by natural eyesight, IR cameras, or full-color cameras.


    Ideal for environments with low illumination, the Aurora series ensures clear imaging and quick response. Additionally, these cameras offer advanced AI functions such as Face Recognition and People & Vehicle Attribute Analysis for swift threat response. Visit the “VIGI ColorPro Night Vision Technology” section at ISC West to experience these innovative features firsthand.


    VIGI Management Platform—VMS and Omada Central

    VIGI VMS simplifies device management through a single interface, offering real-time video monitoring, alarm handling, and advanced security features. Ideal for medium-sized businesses and chain stores, the video management system supports up to 64 live channels, customizable views, and quick access to monitoring devices. The visual dashboard shows device status, alarm trends, and recent alarms for faster event response. Centralized archiving and evidence management improve efficiency, while the Virtual Map function assists installers in quickly simulating system deployment and exporting proposals. Advanced AI features like Smart Search, Flow Analytics, and Heat Map further enhance security and business efficiency.


    For those working on networking and surveillance at the same time, VIGI is integrated into the Omada Central platform, so you can control and manage everything from single interface. This not only offers significant convenience for setup and management but also enables intelligent monitoring and quick troubleshooting capabilities throughout the entire networking and surveillance topology. The Omada platform also provides advanced traffic optimization to establish an ideal network for the surveillance system.


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