TP-Link® Launches New Business Class Indoor Wi-Fi Access Points and Management Controller

    BARCELONA, Spain — Jan. 23, 2017 TP-Link®, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, today introduced a new indoor business Wi-Fi solution, the Auranet CAP series, starting with the Wireless Access Points CAP1750 and Wireless Controller AC500. Following the acclaimed EAP series, the CAP bring added security and deployment capabilities to business networks. Along with the latest innovations in their smartphone, smart home and home networking portfolios, the Auranet CAP series will be showcased at winter's Mobile World Congress, which will run from Feb. 27-March 2 in Barcelona, and will be available in Spanish retailers by Q1 2017.


    With the successful implementation of the Auranet EAP series, businesses and organizations of every size have been able to install and maintain an accessible, reliable and unobtrusive Wi-Fi network in their hotel, shopping mall, school and office. As every business has individual operational requirements, TP-Link has expanded their business network solution to meet even more needs.


    Intended for small and medium business environments such as offices, restaurants, campuses and hotels, the CAP Series products stand out as one of the most versatile and effective Wireless Access Point solutions on the market today.

    Flexible Design

    The Auranet CAP series Access Points feature a ceiling lamp appearance and easy mounting design with chassis for easy wall or ceiling installation, blending seamlessly with most interior decorations. To add the convenience, CAP series Access Points support Power over Ethernet to make deployment effortless and flexible. Working with the CAP series Access Points, the Wireless Controller AC500 is also made for easy installation, with a rack-mountable design that fits in a standard 19-inch rack with alongside all network switches.

    Efficient Stability

    Together, the CAP series Access Points and Auranet Wireless Controller guarantee scalable, high-performance and low-power operation for one of the most efficient and effective enterprise networks available. Powered by a Cavium OCTEON III 1GHz dual-core processor, the Auranet Wireless Controllers can be deployed in a dual-link arrangement for complete network stability. If one controller fails, another can immediately take over to seamlessly maintain the network. These features in optimized network stability provide superior reliability and wireless capabilities for organizations that require a strong, fail-safe system.


    Centralized Management

    The Auranet Wireless Controller also enables administrators to deliver high-end wireless control over their Wi-Fi coverage, with no extra cost, while maintaining top-level security and stability by running as a self-contained system that does not require a central PC. Its use of the industry-standard Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points protocol ensures ultimate interoperability with enterprise-level networks.

    Able to support up to 500 CAPs, The Wireless Controller AC500 offers real-time control and statistical information for each individual AP in the network. This allows for features such as centralized configuration management, batch configuration and firmware update deployment.

    Captive Portal

    Many small and medium-sized businesses have internet policies for users, which is even more the case for guest users who wish to intermittently use the wireless network. For companies looking to accommodate both staff and guests, the CAP series indoor Wi-Fi Access Points provide a perfect solution, whose Captive Portal feature that allows for guests to log into host-specified pages for Wi-Fi access. These customizable pages present both a professional and secure experience for the user. The Captive Portal also enables distributable passwords that can be linked to an external database for validation, increasing the level of security.


    "One of the main considerations for effective workplace networks is placement and flexibility" said Andy Chen, Director of International Business at TP-Link. "The CAP series was designed to be as compact and as versatile as possible to simplify installation and maximize coverage, benefits that every business needs to thrive."


    Key Features of the Auranet CAP Series Indoor Business Wi-Fi Solution :

    • Powerful Wireless Controller provides centralized management and real-time monitoring
    • Wireless Controller supports Automatic Channel Assignment and Transmit Power Control
    • Supports PoE for flexible deployment without the need of external power supply
    • Simple wall or ceiling-mounted design allows seamless installation
    • Captive Portal authentication grants secure guest Wi-Fi access to guests
    • WPA/WPA2-enterprise, 802.1X with RADIUS secure authentication
    • Uses the industry-standard CAPWAP protocol for full interoperability with business networks
    • Multi-SSID divides multiple wireless network for different users
    • Quality of Service prioritizes time-sensitive traffic


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