TP-Link Launches Its First Full 10-Gigabit Switches with 802.3bt PoE++

    SHENZHEN, China – Dec. 30, 2021 – TP-Link® today announced a new full 10G switches for business customers—TL-SX3206HPP, the JetStream 6-Port 10GE L2+ Managed Switch with 4-Port PoE++. This expansion of TP-Link's Omada business line is the first switch with 802.3bt PoE++. This new switch enhances network setups for enterprise and business scenarios requiring centralized management capabilities and ultra-high performance. It provides upgrade options for prosumers in need of blazing-fast connections.

    As demand for faster network speeds increases, multi-gigabit products are necessary when building enterprise networking. TP-Link released a bundle of multi-gigabit products in this year to form a comprehensive multi-gigabit network solution. 10G and 2.5G switches and Wi-Fi 6 access points with 2.5G ports have been released, soon to be followed by the 10G business routers. These multi-gigabit products are integrated into Omada Software Defined Networking (SDN), making it easy to manage the whole multi-gigabit networking.

    "We have been dedicated to offering reliable and smart networking solutions," said Pingji Li, International Business Group GM at TP-Link. "Now we have released our 10GE PoE++ switch, TP-Link offers a comprehensive multi-gigabit product layout. We can provide flexible product selections for enterprise wired and wireless LAN access infrastructure."

    What Does TL-SX3206HPP Bring?

    Lightning-Fast Connection with Full 10GE Ports

    The TL-SX3206HPP is equipped with four 10GE RJ45 ports and two 10GE SFP+ fiber ports. A switching capacity of up to 120 Gbps makes it ideal for business networks of any size. It meets and surpasses the needs for high-speed, reliable, and safe enterprise networks.

    Empowering the Real WiFi 6 with 10G PoE++ Ports

    Four 10GE RJ45 ports, with up to 60 W PoE power output on every port, offer 802.3bt PoE++ for up to 200 W PoE power budget in total. It unlocks the full bandwidth potential of WiFi 6 access points and high-power PoE devices.* PoE (802.3af), PoE+ (802.3at), and PoE++ (802.3bt) are supported, so there is no need to install new electrical circuits to power the PoE devices.**

    Omada SDN Integration Guarantees So Easy Management

    The Omada Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including access points, switches, and routers. Omada SDN provides a completely centralized cloud management system for the highly scalable network, controlled from a single interface. Its robust security system keeps user data secure with features that defend against a range of network threats, including DoS attacks.

    Advanced L3 and L2+ Features

    The TL-SX3206HPP supports a complete lineup of L2+ and L3 features. These security features include Static Routing, DHCP Server, DHCP Relay, 802.1Q VLAN, Port Mirroring, STP/RSTP/MSTP, Link Aggregation Control Protocol, and 802.3x Flow Control. Advanced IGMP Snooping ensures the switch intelligently forwards multicast streams to the right subscribers while reducing unnecessary traffic. The static routing segments the network to route traffic efficiently. These features support the construction of a highly scalable and robust network, providing a reliable and efficient solution for enterprises, campuses, and ISPs.




    About TP-Link

    TP-Link is a global innovator and provider of consumer and SMB networking products and the world's No. 1 provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices*** with products available in over 120 countries to hundreds of millions of customers. TP-Link provides award-winning networking products in wireless routers, cable/DSL gateways, powerline adapters, range extenders, cloud cameras, smart home devices, and accessories for global end-users. We remain committed to intensive R&D, efficient production, and strict quality management. TP-Link endeavors to provide stable Business WiFi solutions for small and medium business customers and reliable enterprise switches and routers.


    *PoE budget calculations are based on laboratory testing. The actual PoE power budget is not guaranteed and will vary due to client limitations and environmental factors. The maximum power output of every single PoE++ port is 60 W.

    **TL-SX3206HPP is incompatible with Passive PoE and other non-standard PoE devices. The standards refer to IEEE 802.3af/at/bt.

    ***According to IDC Worldwide Quarterly WLAN Tracker Report, Q4 2020 Release. Based on units shipped.


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