How to configure free authentication policy on EAP Controller

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Suitable for: Omada Controller 2.6.0 or above and EAP products with corresponding firmware.

What is Free Authentication Policy?

Free Authentication Policy is used to control the access to the network resources for clients. This function allows some specified clients to access the specified network resources without authentication. Omada Controller supports two match modes: IP-Mac based mode and URL mode.

Free Authentication Policy often works with Portal. With Portal enabled, clients that didn’t pass Portal authentication can only access the network resources allowed by Free Authentication Policy.

How Do I Configure Free Authentication Policy?

Follow these steps to configure Free Authentication Policy:

1. Launch Omada Controller and log in to the management interface.

2. Click  on the upper right corner of the management interface. Go to Wireless Control > Free Authentication Policy.

3. Click  and configure the policy.

IP-Mac based mode

1) Specify the Match Mode as IP-Mac based. Then give a name for this policy.

2) (Optional) Specify the Source IP Range in which the clients can access the specified network resources. Here we take as an example.

3) (Optional) Specify the Destination IP Range of the network resources that is available for the specified clients. Here we take as an example.

4) (Optional) Specify the MAC address of the client for the Source MAC. Here we leave this option empty.

5) (Optional) Specify the port number that the service uses for the Destination Port. Here we take 80 as an example.

6) Click Enable to enable this policy.


  • A policy applies to the traffic that matches all the conditions.
  • If you leave the optional parameters empty, all the clients can access the network resources without limitation.

URL mode

1) Specify the Match Mode as URL. Then give a name for this policy.

2) Specify the URL that the clients can access. Here we take as an example.

3) Click Enable to enable this policy.

4. Click Apply.

Note: The valid port numbers of URL are from 1024 to 65535.

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