How to troubleshoot if I fail to start Soft AP when using TP-Link wireless configuration utility?

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 In Soft AP mode, the adapter will work as an AP. Suppose that only one computer in your house can access the Internet for various reasons like only one LAN port is available on your wired broadband router, however, other wireless-capable devices also want to share the Internet. Then the adapter can be configured as an AP under the Soft AP mode, saving you the trouble of having to get a separate access point or a router. With this feature, a computer can use a single physical wireless adapter to connect as a client to a hardware access point while at the same time acting as a software AP allowing other wireless-capable devices to connect to it. 
Note: Some adapters support Soft AP on windows 7 and 8, but windows 10 doesn't support it.
Note: This article is applied in the following situation: You have already installed the driver for certain wireless adapter also TP-Link wireless configuration utility but fail to make Soft AP work and have seen the below errors.
Error 1: Failed to configure Soft AP Mode…
Reasons and Solutions:
1. Wireless network connection has been disabled, please enable it.
2. Installed the wrong driver for that adapter. For example, the PC is running windows 7, while you install the driver for windows vista. Please uninstall the wrong driver and install the correct one
3. The computer is already connected to a wireless network, please disconnect from the wireless network.
Error 2: Failed to configure ICS...
1. Network sharing is not enabled;
2. There may be an IP conflict. When you first setup the Soft AP, the IP address of it might be And if your network is also in the range of 192.168.0.X, it may cause a problem.         
Solutions: Press “Windows keyR”, then there will be a “run” box,type in ncpa.cpl and press enter,it will open the Network Connections window.Find the Local Area Conection or Ethernet,right click on it --properties---sharing--tick ‘ Allow other users to connect through this computer’s internet connection. And also choose a wireless network connection for the home network connection;
      2. Change the IP address of your network to a different range to avoid the IP conflict. For example, your main router is using 192.168.0.X, then we change the IP address of your router to 192.168.2.X.(If you don’t know how to do that, you can contact the support of your router to do that.)Here we take TP-Link routers as example:
How do I change the IP address of TP-Link wireless router?
Note: In the User Guide of the TP-Link adapter,you can find whether it supports Soft AP Mode or not and what systems are compatible with its Soft AP mode.User Guide can be downloaded from our official website: