How to access TP-Link router’s Web GUI setting page via HTTPS

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HTTPS is a web access protocol which used for secure communications during web browsing.

This article will tell you how to access the TP-Link router’s Web GUI setting page via HTTPS protocol.

Step 1: Access the Web GUI

Enter the address in the URL bar on your browser.

Step 2: Allow access to the Web GUI

Click on Advanced, then click on Proceed to (unsafe).

A warning message will show as below due to the browser requiring a signed certificate. Please don’t worry about that. The reason why browsers recognize as “Not secure” is that’s Certificate is a self-signed certificate. Most browsers will show this warning because is not an authoritative CA. We can promise that the connection between your browser and the server is secure.

For more information about the self-signed certificate and unsecure notice, please refer to the FAQ here: Why TP-Link HTTPS web interface is detected as unsecure by some web browsers?

Note 1: You must type the entire address on the URL bar of the browser, including “https://”.

Note 2: If you cannot enter the Web GUI by, please try the router’s Lan IP to access such as, which is the LAN IP of your router.

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