New Firmware released for TL-WA855RE V5

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Recently we’ve released the newest firmware online for TL-WA855RE V5 on our official website which is 200923, and we’ve got a lot of updates here:

  1. Fixed the weak security notification issue on iOS14 devices;
  2. Fixed the SSH security breach;
  3. Fixed the bug that sometimes the web UI shows less client than it should be;
  4. Fixed the bug that the device fails to work in random cases;
  5. Optimized the Multicast function;
  6. Optimized the TX wireless transfer process.


So basically, it has fixed multiple security issues here and fixed the function bugs like stop working randomly and wrong client numbers also enhanced the wireless performance with the new firmware update.

It’s recommended to upgrade to the new firmware following the instruction How to upgrade the firmware of my range extender (new logo)? as soon as possible, and you can get the new firmware from the below address:

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