What is the function we can configure when the switch is managed by Omada SDN Controller?

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TP-Link New Safestream Router, Jetstream Switch, and Omada AP can be managed by Omada SDN Controller. For the Old Jetstream Switch, we have released the new firmware to fit for Omada SDN Controller. If you are using the old Jetstream Switch, you can download the new firmware from the TP-Link Office Website.

To work with Omada SDN Controller. Now Jetstream switch supports two different modes, one is the standalone mode, another is the controller mode. In the standalone mode, you can configure the full function of the switch. But in the controller mode, some advanced functions are limited.

We summarized these functions that can be configured in controller mode. You can find detailed information as below:

To help know clearly of the functions, we classify the functions as 5 types: System, Statistics, LAN Network, Network Security, and Services.

Module Features SDN Controller Mode Standalone Mode
System System Tool System IP(Static/DHCP)
Management VLAN
LED on/off
system Sunmmary
Device Description
System Time
System Reboot
System Reset
Reboot Schedule
Access SSH Switch supports SSH access in controller mode, but it only supports using the showing commends.
POE POE Protocol IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at
POE Power Budget It supports checking but cannot change the value in SDN controller mode
POE Port Config In SDN controller mode, it names as "POE sechdule" feature. It supports setting time to enbale the POE function for the switch's port
Time Time Zone SDN controller mode supports setting Time Zone for each site, which means different site can work in different Time Zone. ×
Time Range Config
L2 Features Port Port Status
Port Speed and Duplex
Port mirror Ingress(Many to One)
Port mirror Egress(Many to One)
Port Isolation
Loopback Detection Port Based
LAG Sttaic LAG Up to 8 Groups,
up to 8 Ports per group
Up to 8 Groups,
up to 8 Ports per group
Traffic Monitor
MAC address Switch only supports learning the MAC address dynamicly in controller mode
we cannot do any settings for the MAC address
In standalone mode, switch can dynamicly learn the MAC address.
And it supports manually creating static Unicast address, Binding Dynamic address, creating filtering address and doing MAC notification settings.
STP STP(802.1d)
Multicast Max Multicast Groups 511 IPv4 multicast groups 511 IPv4,
IPv6 shared multicast groups
IGMP Snooping
L3 Features IP Interface VLAN Interface 16 IPv4 Interface 16 IPv4/IPv6 Interface
IPv4 Interface
IP Address Mode(None/Static/DHCP/BOOTP)
ADD/Delete Manually
Interface Config(IP Address/Subnet Mask/VLAN/Interface Name)
Routing Static Routing 32 IPv4 Static Routes 32 IPv4/IPv6 Static Routes
Static Routing Config Destination/Subnet Mask/Next Hop/Distance Destination/Subnet Mask/Next Hop/Distance
Static Routing Table
DHCP DHCP Server DHCP server IP Pool DHCP server IP Pool
DHCP server Manual Binding
DHCP server Exluded IP Address
DHCP Relay
Security QoS Rate Limit(Ingress/Egress)
Storm Control Kbps Mdoe
Unknown Unicaste
Kbps/Ratio Mdoe
Unknown Unicaste
Auto VOIP It names as Voice Network in SDN controller mode.
*In SDN controller mode, it only supports Auto VOIP feature, there doesn't have Voice VLAN feature.
Auto VOIP*In standalone mode, there also has the Voice VLAN feature which can use for the Voice application.
ACL ACL type Switch supports combined ACL in controller mode, and it needs to cooperated with profile. MAC ACL
Comnined ACL
Packet Content ACL
DHCP Filter Type DHCPv4 Filter DHCPv4 Filter
DHCPv6 Filter
802.1X Control Type Port Based
MAC Based
Port Based
MAC Based
Radius Authentication
Radius Accounting
Maintenance SNMP SNMP Version V1/V2c/V3 V1/V2c/V3
SNMP Group
SNMP Community
Public MIBs
Private MIBs
CPU Monitor It names as Statistics feature in SDN controller mode
Memory Monitor
Log Display/Filtering SDN Controller's Logs feature is powerful to maintain each SDN devices' logs.
Severity Level
Save to Flash
Remote Host
Backup Log

For the detailed setting description, please refer to the Omada SDN Controller user guide to see the Switch settings

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